Asquare Men is Malaysia's first ever sustainable men clothing line, we are embedding South East Asian Culture, Climate, Ethics and Environment into our products, which are being sourced in the most sustainable way possible. Asquare Men is thriving to achieve best practices in ecosystem of fashion, implementing sustainable approaches during the entire process.

Asquare care what you wear, so for the first time in South East Asia we are bringing guilt free clothing to you. Asquare Men’s  Transparency and Accountability policy ensures you of our impact on the environment from the cotton fields to your doorstep is monitored and dealt with. We are unveiling an innovative pathway called “Asquare Rotation” to achieve sustainability in clothing industry to put smiles on everyone everywhere.

Asquare Men is implementing an accountability approach during each activity of each stage of our products' life. Asquare Men is solving the most challenging dilemma faced by fashion industry and consumers by making Asquare Men accountable of what we do, how we do and why we do things, the way we do.

We are disclosing significant information from the root of a cotton plant till the end of our products' lifecycle, Asquare Men pledges to its consumers to be Accountable by giving them the real tale behind the product they are wearing. Accountability is Asquare Men’s core belief, and we have integrated this element to strengthen our bond with all stakeholders engaged with us.

Asquare Rotation is a brainchild of Asquare Men founder Ali Nawaz Hanif, an approach which ensures sustainability of our products in their entire lifecycle by providing an easy pathway for our customer’s to give back to the underprivileged world without spending a single penny. Asquare Rotation enable our customers to use Asquare Men products in the First Phase of product lifecycle, which can last up to minimum of 6 month or more. When a customer considers purchasing more products with us, they can use an AR code to make a new purchase, which can give them a significant discount on that purchase when they return previously bought products from us. 

After receiving the products, Asquare Men is going to put those products through various processes such as cleaning, packing, and shipping them to the underprivileged societies across the globe, Asquare Rotation ensures that our product does not end up in landfill sites or staying idle in your wardrobe.

Asquare Rotation is designed to curb the adverse impacts of clothing industry on our planet.
-Ali Nawaz Hanif-